Administration of the Center

We have benefited from a BISTI planning grant for the previous three years, lead by Drs. Altman and Delp, so we have a relatively mature administrative structure for this effort. In particular, the core team is now predominantly co-located on two floors of the new Clark Center for Biomedical Engineering and Science, with 1,800 sq. ft of new space for the additional personnel and projects associated with the creation of the national center.

The highlights of our administrative plan include:

  • Continued co-leadership from Drs. Russ Altman and Scott Delp, whose research interests range from protein mechanics to clinical applications. Dr. Altman is a practicing physician and expert in bioinformatics. Dr. Delp is a bioengineer and an expert in biomechanical modeling and simulation.
  • Leadership from the Executive Director Dr. Jeanette Schmidt, whose research interests are in bioinformatics, algorithm design and software solutions that accelerate biocomputational research. Dr. Schmidt is a computer scientist with academic experience as an Associate Professor as well as extensive recent industry experience as head of Incyte's Bioinformatics group.
  • An executive committee made of Core leaders in computer science, biomedical computation, biomedical science, and administration to assess and manage the research and deployment mission.
  • Strong institutional support from Stanford, including generous allocations of space, student support funds, and seed research funds.
  • A commitment to establish a national network of investigators, including plans to support investigators involved in future NIH-BISTI programs.