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Skin Growth's Role in Reconstructive Surgery

Skin growth modeling techniques could improve reconstructive skin surgeries. More

Skin grows when it is chronically stretched beyond its physiological limit. Surgeons have taken advantage of this phenomena to treat patients with birth defects, burn injuries, and other conditions requiring reconstructive skin surgery. However, the process for growing the new skin is subjective, based on a surgeon’s individual knowledge and past experiences. Skin growth modeling techniques developed within the lab of Simbios faculty Ellen Kuhl could improve this process for patients. In this video, graduate students Adrian Buganza and Alexander Zoellner describe their skin growth model.

To learn more more, visit The Living Matter Lab or read the related journal article: Buganza Tepole A, Gosain AK, Kuhl E. Stretching skin - The physiological limit and beyond. Int J Nonlin Mech, 2012;47:938-949.

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