Science Talks FY01

08/30/05 12pm; S360 Desikan Bharathan, Ph.D
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Human thermoregulatory physiological model to assess thermal environments View Videos
06/29/05 5pm; S360 Donald Gaver, Dept. Biomedical Eng., Tulane Universty Multi-Scale Modeling of Biological Systems at the Center for Computational Sciences at Tulane and Xavier Universities

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06/21/05 4:30pm; S282 POW WOW Update on – mini-projects  
06/14/05 5pm; S360 Chris Bruns Representation of simple models of RNA Structure  
06/08/05 5pm; S360 Peter Feenstra Hierarchical Models of Arterial Tissue Download PDF
06/01/05 5pm; S360 Russ Altman Simple Models of RNA Structure and Folding  
05/25/05 5pm; S360 Padma Sundaram A Physics-Based Approach to Fold Removal in CT Colonography  
05/18/05 3pm; S361 Semahat Demir Bioengineering Funding Opportunities at NSF  
05/10/05 5pm; S360 Joey Teran Quasistatic Invertible Finite Elements for Muscle Simulation  
05/04/05 5pm; S360 Oussama Khatib Human-Centered Robotics  
05/03/05 12:30pm; S3661 Jay Humphrey Biomechanics of Arterial Growth and Remodeling  
04/27/05 5pm; S360 Michael Levitt Sphere Chain Models for Meso-Scale Physical Modeling View Video
04/19/05 5pm; S360 Alain Laederach RNA structural refinement based on experimental measurements of solvent accessibility; a challenge for Simbios  
04/12/05 5pm; S360 Alex LaBute A Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Simulation of Biological Materials  
04/06/05 5pm; S360 Paula Petrone Normal Mode Analysis in proteins: A simple model for complex structural changes  
03/29/05 5pm; S360 Dan Herschlag What we want to know about RNA structure and dynamics  
03/22/05 5pm; Clark Auditorium Silvia Salinas Blemker Three-dimensional muscle modeling: motivation, current capabilities, and remaining challenges that relate to Simbios  
03/15/05 5pm; S282 POW WOW Discuss mini-projects  
03/09/05 5pm; S282 POW WOW Introduce Mini Projects  
03/01/05 5pm; S360 David Parker How Myosin V Walks: Computational Modeling of Motor Protein Dynamics  
02/18/05 1pm; S360 Steve Pieper, Harvard NA-MIC Center The NA-MIC Kit: ITK, VTK, 3D Slicer, and the NA-MIC Software Engineering Methodology  
02/16/05 5pm; S360 Sandy Napel Radiology 3D Lab: Techniques and Tools Relevant to Simbios core 2  
02/09/05 5pm; S360 Leo Guibas Point-Based Modeling and Simulation  
01/25/05 5pm; S360 Charles Taylor The Cardiovascular DBP: Multiscale Modeling of Blood Flow in Deformable Arteries Download PDF
01/19/05 5pm; S360 Michael Sherman SimTK Architecture Download PP

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01/11/05 5pm; S360 Adrian Lew Integrators and material modeling in SimBioS  
12/14/04 5pm; S360 Vijay Pande The RNA DBP: Challenges of atomistic simulation of biomolecules  
12/01/04 5pm; S360 Russ Altman The RNA DBP: Introduction and structure of RNA molecules Download PP

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11/17/04 5pm; S360 Scott Delp Simulation based treatment planning for movement disorders Download PP

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11/10/04 5pm; S360 Ron Fedkiw A survey of algorithms from the PhysBAM (Physics Based Modelling) library  
11/03/04 5pm; S360 Vijay Pande Overview of Myosin DBP Computational Challenges & possible vision for applications of SimTK Download PP

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