Simbios Talk by Pat Hanrahan, Dept. of Computer Science, Stanford University, May 13, 2009

Title: Domain Specific Languages for Programming Many-Core Processors (GPUs)

Abstract: As part of the Stanford Pervasive Parallelism Laboratory, we are developing three domain-specific languages for parallel computing which should be of interest to researchers in biocomputing. The first is Liszt, which is targeted at solving partial differential equations on meshes. The second is Kore, which is a data parallel language inspired by k, a language for massive column-store databases. The third is a language to support probabilistic computation. In this talk, I will outline the approach we are taking. I will concentrate on Liszt, but briefly described the other languages. As an introduction, I will also present an overview of the techniques used by GPUs to achieve high-performance, since many-core architectures are one of the targets for these languages.