Simbios Talk by Peter Fritzon, Linkoping University, Sweden, February 21, 2007

Title: High Level Mathematical Modeling and Simulation with Modelica using OpenModelica on Biological and Medical Applications

Modelica is a general declarative equation-based object-oriented language for continuous and discrete-event modeling of physical systems for the purpose of efficient simulation. The language unifies and generalizes previous object-oriented modeling languages. The Modelica modeling language and technology is being warmly received by the world community in modeling and simulation. It is bringing about a revolution in this area, based on its ease of use, visual design of models with combination of lego-like predefined model building blocks, its ability to define model libraries with re-usable components and its support for modeling and simulation of complex applications involving parts from several application domains.

In this talk we present the Modelica language and Biological applications such as biochemical pathways modeled using the free BioChem library with SBML primitives as well as medicaltraining simulator applications. We also present the open-source OpenModelica environment including an electronic notebook system with the DrModelica self-instructing course material, and the free MathModelica Lite graphic editor for graphic modeling.


Recent book:
Peter Fritzson
Principles of Object-Oriented Modeling and Simulation with Modelica, Wiley-IEEE Press, ISBN 0-471-471631

About the Author:

Peter Fritzson is professor at Linkoping University, Sweden, and director of PELAB - the Programming Environment Lab. He is also chairman of the Scandinavian Simulation Society, Secretary of EuroSim, vice chairman of the Modelica Association, and has published ten books/proceedings and over 170 scientific papers.