Simbios Talk by Michael Sherman, Stanford University, October 25, 2005

Title: SimTK 1.0: current plans and a chance for mid-course correction

SimTK 1.0 is scheduled for release in March, 2006. This release is primarily about getting the community infrastructure functional andreliable, including project hosting, multiplatform build, automated test, installation services, usage monitoring, user and developer communications, and so on. We also hope to provide some content, including both basic tools and applications, primarily as test cases for the infrastructure but with the hope of providing some utility as well. I will present our current plans and solicit comments as to what we should do differently in SimTK 1.0, and what we should do next after that.

All Simbios participants, NIH program and science officers, and other interested parties are invited to critique and comment to help steer us in the right direction. For anyone who wants to read up in advance, details of our current plans are here: