Simbios Talk by Eran Guendelman, Stanford University, February 7, 2006

Title: Physics-based simulation of solids and solid-fluid coupling

Physics-based simulation of solids, fluids, and solid-fluid coupling has application in a wide variety of areas, ranging from engineering (e.g. cardiovascular simulation) to entertainment (e.g. visual effects). In this talk, I will describe some of my work on algorithms for these types of simulations. I will begin with solids simulation, briefly outlining a novel algorithm for rigid body simulation which is able to efficiently handle large stacks of bodies with many simultaneous contacts. Following this, I will outline a basic fluids simulator, and explain how it may be integrated with solids in a manner that enables their two-way coupling. I will show that one particularly challenging case occurs when the solids are thin shells, as care must be taken to prevent fluid from leaking across the thin solid. I will then describe an approach which handles this case in a robust manner. I will conclude with future work, and ways in which this research may be leveraged for the simulation of biological structures.