Simbios Summer Internship Program - Previous Participants


Achint Verma
Enhancing with RSS feeds for easy news integration; adding virtual machine capabilities to via the cloud

Arthur Vigil
Developing unit and system tests for the ForceBalance software project


Lorenzo Flores
Developing examples for OpenSim’s new scripting capabilities

Lee Periolat
Creating verification and validation tests for OpenMM’s new application layer

Yan Jin
Implementing a new news architecture for projects


Lorenzo Flores
Developing fluorescence imaging tracking software to monitor E.coli growth

Trevor Gokey
Making the installation process for Simbios software MSMBuilder easier. The current process requires installing several other packages first and there are compatibility issues depending on versions of these packages.

Cassidy Kelly
Refactoring the OpenSim Application Programming Interface to improve its efficiency and facilitate the future extension of the code

Jingjing Liu
Adding automated testing and validation for the OpenSim GUI to increase the robustness of new releases and ensure backwards compatibility