Simbios Retreat

On November 22nd 2005 Simbios held a retreat that all simbios faculty, staff, postdocs, students, NIH Program Officer Peter Lyster and NIH Lead Science Officer Peter Highnam attended.

In addition to discussing the current state of Simbios and goals for next year, every participant had an oportunity to present a potential "home-run" for Simbios.

We sarted with an introduction on Simbios by Russ Altman and Scott Delp.
(View introduction Quicktime Movie or PDF version)

What is a Simbios home-run?
A description of a major victory for Simbios in the next 4 (or 10) years along with what would have to be done to make it happen. We encouraged everyone to think big and also address if we are on track to do this or if it would require a change in direction. Hoem-runs could occur in research, dissemination, infrastructure or teaching: no limitations, as long as it pertains to physics-based simulation for biological structure.

Proposed Simbios home runs

Participants were then divided into four breakout sessions.

Session 1: Physics-based simulation course syllabus

Session 2: External software to prioritize for acquisition

Session 3: Home run synthesis

Session 4: Internal software development priorities

Each breakout session presented a summary of their findings.

The meeting concluded with a closed faculty meeting.