OpenSim 2.0 Developers Workshop, October 28-30, 2009

This developer's workshop covered the upcoming release of the OpenSim 2.0 API. It was held at Stanford University October 28-30, 2009 and was an opportunity to learn about how OpenSim is constructed and how to build on this foundation to meet research and laboratory goals. On the first day, a brief architectural overview of OpenSim and several examples of building and interacting with models programmatically (including the development of custom components) were provided. In particular, we described OpenSim model components such as bodies, joints, constraints, forces, and controllers and demonstrated how to assemble these components into working models in coding exercises in the form of small main programs. The second and third days were spent mostly working on individuals' specific research goals with OpenSim developers.

C++ or equivalent programming experience and a grasp of object-oriented concepts were required.

Logistical Information

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