Diwakar Shukla

I am a SIMBIOS Distinguished Postdoctoral fellow working with Prof. Vijay Pande. My research is focused on understanding the complex biological processes such as protein folding and aggregation using novel physics-based models and techniques. My current research includes understanding the role of inter-domain interactions in folding of multi-domain proteins, solution structure and aggregation of amyloidogenic proteins. I started my research career at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, India, where I received a B. Tech and M. Tech. degree in chemical engineering. I worked with Prof. Anurag Mehra on modeling the growth of nanoparticles in reverse micelles as a part of my undergraduate and master’s research. I then went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology where I received an M.S. and Ph.D in chemical engineering in the lab of Prof. Bernhardt L. Trout. For my thesis, I worked on understanding the mechanism by which additive influence protein stability. More detalis can be found on my website: